Oh noes!!!

 When I was working in the last story another disaster happened!!! Why can’t my dolls just remain perfect and beautiful for very long? lol

Her face-up started chipping, first the lashes and then the lips! I decided it’s time for her to get a new one…awful timing though…since I am leaving soon… I hope she will be back in time for some stories, because I wanted to finish the current drama before I go!

Face-up Disaster!

Since I don’t have much time I also chose a face-up artist based on the time it would take to get the face-up ready and not only because I love the work! I send her to Wind Dolls: http://winddoll.creezvotreboutique.com/ ! I sent the head away yesterday and it already arrived in France (incredibly fast). They already sent me progress pictures and I love it!!!

Incomplete Face-up!

Can’t wait to see more and get her back (they told me it would be finished next week!!!)

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