Photostory: Misunderstandings

Posting another story that was made last week! I haven't had much time online lately, and even less time for dolls… Things with Charlotte will get out of control soon if Eliza keeps her secret much longer…Let's hope George will be able to deal with this!!! Enjoy!

In this story:
George [FL MNF Carl]
Iris/Cupid [FL PKF Bonnie]
Charlotte [FL MNF Ryeon]



George: Finally things seem to be working out with Eliza…

George: I just don't get all the secrecy about us…why doesn't she want to tell Little Lottie about this?

George: Oh! Eliza? Is that you?

Charlotte: Coo coo! Guess who!
George: Lottie?!

Charlotte: Yup! It's me!
George: You..? I mean…great… what's up?

Charlotte: We still didn't have time to talk and catch up, right?
George: Yes…right…

George: So… what have you been doing this last years?
Charlotte: You probably know my story so you go first! Tell me how you ended up here.

George: Well… You know I have never been close to my family, I decided it was time to move out, I ended up at Sofia's.
Charlotte: Oh! And have you seen Alice lately?

George: Not many times… but I went to visit her when I was away this last time, you know… I thought I should take some time to visit the family…
Charlotte: And how is she? I haven't seen her for quite a while now…
George: She's fine, she goes to college and…

George: We were really worried about you…
Charlotte: Really?
George: Wait…?! What are you doing? 

Charlotte: George…I really missed you too!
George: Wait JUST a minute!

George: I guess you are misunderstanding things quite a bit… I mean…I like you little Lottie but not…

Iris: HELLO!!!!!
George: There you are little one!!! 
Charlotte: Oh!

Iris: Am I interrupting something? You look weird…
Charlotte: We were ju…
George: Of course not!!! Me and Charlotte will finish this later! Come here! 

Charlotte: Yeah…
George: What is going on little one?
Iris: Hihihi!

Iris: Can you tell me a story…? I miss your stories…
George: Of course! You really saved my life…!

Charlotte: Great timing…but at least he admitted he likes me too! *sighs*

George got a new wig and is finally wearing it in this story! It is by Spite and Malice and the quality is awesome!!!I think it gives him more personality! I'm loving his new look, its a keeper! (the old one worked too but was one size too small for him…)

New Wig!

6 thoughts on “Photostory: Misunderstandings

  1. Ohhh dear….I can see this going to hell in a handbasket when Lotte finds out that George doesn’t want her that way XD
    Also, Sexy Mr. Headless there, in the new wig! Lovin’ it!!

  2. I love the new wig on him. It looks great! I’ve been wanting a spite and malice wig for my elf yder – several different colors, in fact, so I can keep up with all the times he dyes his hair. lol
    Ho boy, things are going to get quickly out of hand. Poor Lottie – I hope she doesn’t get hurt in all of this, especially since George and Eliza think so fondly on her.

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