Beatrice’s Character Meme!

 Now it's Bee's turn!!!   tagged Beatrice for a character meme!

1. Post 10 facts about your character.
2. Tag 5 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators' usernames.
4. You can tag back!

1/2 - Secret

1. She is 8 and she is the youngest of 3 sisters: Isabelle (9 years old) and Charlotte (19 years old).

2. She is an orphan, her parents died in an accident when she was 3, but she does not remember them. 

3. She is a girly girl, loves having new clothes and toys.

4. She can be a bit spoiled and bossy and she loves to be the center of attention.

5. Her best friend is Eliza, although they are not blood related, they treat each other as sisters and friends.

6. Her biggest dream is to become a princess someday, and she loves Disney movies and fairytales.

7. Her favorite toy is a white stuffed bunny named Bauni.

8. She hates soup, doctors and boyish stuff.

9. She is always full of energy and very sociable.

10. Her biggest fear are the monsters that hide under the bed and being left alone.

Now some tagging (again sorry for any repetition but I'm getting out of options…):

 – Mina
 – Shara
 – Nicole
 – Omeliina

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