Photostory: Healed

This is a story I made last week when Eliza's arm replacement arrived, to celebrate Eliza being back to her old self again! No more bandages! There not much drama happening here though, hope you enjoy!

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
George [FL MNF Carl]
Iris/Cupid [FL PKF Bonnie]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]
Beatrice [FL LTF Ante]
Isabelle [FL LTF Rachel]
Charlotte [FL MNF Ryeon]



Eliza: Hello everybody, I'm home!

Beatrice: Eliza!!! You are back!
Isabelle: Are you feeling better?

Eliza: Yes, everything is better now, especially after your hug! 

Vanilla: Eliza, you are back! How was the doctor's appointment?
Iris: Hi Ellie!
Charlotte: How is your arm?

Eliza: It was great! My wrist finally healed and my arm is better to normal!
Vanilla: It looks great, that's awesome news!
Charlotte: Oh, that's great!

George: Looks like Eliza is back from the doctor.

Eliza: See, I can move it normally now.
Isabelle: Does it still hurt?
Charlotte: How did you get the wrist broke in the first place?
Vanilla: George…

Vanilla: Perfect opportunity for him to have that conversation with Eliza…!

Vanilla: Girls!!! It's time to leave Eliza! She must be tired and needs rest!
Eliza: I do?
Charlotte: She does…?
Isabelle: Huh?…but…

Vanilla: No but's! Come on, lets go play…hmm…a game!
Charlotte: Ok…

George: Great timing! *smiles*

Eliza: That was strange…What got into Nilly?

George: Hey there, Eliza!
Eliza: George?!

George: How are you feeling?
Eliza: Now even better!


George: I see you don't have your bandages anymore.
Eliza: Yes…the doctor said I don't need it anymore.
George: I'm glad you are finally better! It looks good.

George: Do you forgive me for doing this?
Eliza: Oh George! You know it was never your fault.

10 thoughts on “Photostory: Healed

  1. aw :3
    its so great they worked things out so they can be together ^^!
    now they just have to tell the others …
    poor Charlotte … i hope she won’t hate Eliza D:!

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