Charlotte’s character meme!!!

 I am sorry I didn't do this earlier but I hadn't noticed Charlotte had been tagged!!!

  tagged Charlotte for a character meme!

1. Post 10 facts about your character.
2. Tag 5 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators' usernames.
4. You can tag back!


1. She is 19 and the oldest of 3 sisters, her younger sisters are Beatrice (8 years old) and Isabelle (9 years old).

2. She is an orphan, her parents died in an accident when she was 14.

3. She has a crush on George, who is the cousin of her childhood friend Alice and they used to spend the summer together before her parents accident.

4. She hates being treated as a child, and being called Lottie, only her sisters and George are allowed to do so.

5. She loves pink, purple and girly things.

6. She is really naive about most people because she always believes in their good intentions.

7. She hides most of her troubles behind a smile and tries to have a positive attitude about everything in life, that's the way she found to deal with the terrible memories from her past.

8. She is a hopeless romantic.

9. She wears her necklace most of the time because it was a gift from her mother.

10. She is afraid of the dark and being left alone.


  – Aoife
 – Egg
  – Effie
 – Menni
 – Riley

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