Message to Mina #3

Eliza and Mina are childhood friends and they used to spend their summers together. However when Eliza moved to run away from her past they haven't talked much since then. Mina contacted Eliza with a message a while ago, and since then they have been talking about what happens in their lives!

Mina belongs to Emma and this is a reply to this message.

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]



Hi Mina!!! Nice to hear from you! Don't worry about taking time to reply I totally understand! And tell Rowan Bee is excited to hear from her!

My arm is much better don't worry! Actually I already have a doctor appointment tomorrow to remove the bandage, it will be normal in no time.

Oh my! I have so many things to tell you! Someone else arrived to live with us, this time a girl Charlotte, she's Bee and Izzy's older sister and she's 20.

Actually George was taking a trip when she arrived and when he came back we found out they already knew each other, childhood friends, can you believe it?

Things have been quite crazy over here, I guess Charlotte even has a crush on him…

Well… this wouldn't be a problem if things between me and George were different…

When he left he was trying to tell me he was interested and everything, but I was really unsure and afraid he would hurt me because of what happened before so I told him no…

But then when he was away I had a lot of time to think and I decided to take your advice and give him a chance…you are right I shouldn't condemn people because of what someone did to me in the past… I should give him a chance…

And when he arrived I actually kissed him…!!!!

Can you believe it? I don't even recognize myself…. But at least things are much better between us now! I still have to figure out how to tell Charlotte about this though…

But enough about me! I am really surprised to hear about Theo!

I'm happy you finally have someone older around to keep you company and help with the girls! And I can see he seems like a really nice person.Photobucket
Well, you know I'm not the best person to give you love advice but now I am learning to be more positive about it…maybe you should not give up already Mina! You are beautiful and intelligent and everything so maybe he is just shy? or he is trying to get to know you first, respecting your space, especially if he is Rowan's uncle. He is afraid that if something went wrong or to fast it would be awkward right? But I'm sure he will be interested when he gets to know you better!!!

I have to go now! Please keep me updated on the news with Theo! Bye!

2 thoughts on “Message to Mina #3

  1. Awww, I love this story! I can’t wait to reply. It’s going to be funny as we’ve just had another girl arrived too! I think Mina will have lots to talk about, again!

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