Photostory: We Are Family Now

This story is all about the sisters Fay background: pretty sad! I hope their story becomes clearer now. It also explains something more about Charlotte's character. And Eliza is faced with a new dilemma: what to do about George? Things are getting more and more complicated! Enjoy!

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Charlotte [FL MNF Ryeon]



Charlotte: *sighs* I wonder why George didn't want to talk…

Eliza: Hi Charlotte, there you are. I have been looking for you.
Charlotte: Oh hey Eliza!
Eliza: May I join you?
Charlotte: Sure…

Eliza: I was just talking to George and he told me about you…
Charlotte: He did…?

Eliza: I know I probably shouldn't be talking about this, but he also told me about your parents…
Charlotte: Oh…
Eliza: I just want you to know if you need someone to talk you can count on me…

Charlotte: Well… I am sure you heard about the accident already, most of the times I avoid to talk about it though and the girls were still too young to understand what was going on…after that we were left alone and since nobody wanted us, they took them to one of those adoption centers. Since I was older they didn't let me stay with Bee and Izzy…
Eliza: Oh my…

Charlotte: I was taken to another facility, like for the older kids…I was only allowed to leave at 18… 
Eliza: I'm really sorry…

Charlotte: It's ok now, we are back together… I am sorry to be telling you this, I shouldn't bother you with sad stories…
Eliza: Oh no! I mean… feel free to talk about it if you want!

Charlotte: Now I prefer to think about happier stuff, like George being back! I was so surprised that Mr. Headless was George! I would never have imagined I would find him again…! 

Charlotte: You know… he reminds me of those happy summers at his cousin's Alice! He is so charming…and intelligent and fun…!!! But I guess I was too young for him then…
Eliza: Huh? Is she in love with George?!

Charlotte: Do you think that maybe now that I am older he might see me differently? 
Eliza: I… I really don't know… I can't believe this…!!! I can't tell he about me and George…she will be heartbroken…and it's not like we have anything officially going on!

Eliza: I just wanted to let you know that you can count on me if you ever need anything, and also for your sisters…! I consider them, and now you, family. *smiles*
Charlotte: Really?!

Charlotte: Thank you! Thank you!
Eliza: Huh…?

Charlotte: You know Eliza…I really feel like I can trust you! We will be great friends!
Eliza: I really hope so…

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