Photostory: Not as it Seems

And the Drama continues!!! Here is what happened next! Another story and they keep coming 😉 I’m really inspired lately…! This was really random: the characters are surprising me a lot, since I do most of the stories based on an idea and then improvise them the characters get molded in some surprising ways sometimes…! Just excuse Eliza’s reaction, she is quite insecure… Enjoy!

I also made some changes: New layout by fruity style(I think its cleaner and easier to read) and I made an LJ cut so the posts do not get as HUGE as before :), so remember to click the link below if you want to read the story! Thanks ❤

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
George [FL MNF Carl]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]



Eliza: …things were too good to be true…

Vanilla: uff uff…!! Eliza! What just happened back there? What did George do this time?
Eliza: Nilly!

Eliza: It’s nothing important really…
Vanilla: Nothing important? You have been really down since George left…and now this?

Eliza: I just thought George was changing…and now this? I am really afraid he will go back to the old self going after every girl…And Charlotte! Maybe they even have history! She was interested before and she seemed quite interested now….!
Vanilla: Huh? But…Now I’m confused….I thought you didn’t care about George…?

Eliza: Well…there’s a couple of things that I haven’t really told you…Vanilla: Ok…go on…

After a while…
…and that’s why I left like that…
Vanilla: Oh my! You kissed him? Now I understand all the drama!
Eliza: I’m really stupid! I made myself vulnerable…again…That’s why I’m afraid he will take advantage of this situation…

Vanilla: Come on Eliza… you can’t be that insecure. I know George made some mistakes in the past but from what you told me he seems like he is trying to make it up to you…
Eliza: I know… I thought so too but…
Vanilla: I guess you should talk! Well…again…!

Eliza: But what if George likes Charlotte? Or if she tries something? He probably wouldn’t mind…you know! Remember the meet-up? He was all over every girl there!!! And that was right after he tried to kiss me…
Vanilla: I know…you are right but you cannot be so negative…I still think you should talk and see what he has to say…about Charlotte especially…

George: Eliza! There you are! I have been looking all over for you!
Eliza: George…?!

George: Vanilla, do you mind leaving us alone for a couple of minutes?
Vanilla: Sure! all the time you need! Please just be careful this time…

George: Hmmm…So… what happened? Why did you leave like that?
Eliza: You and Charlotte seemed like you needed so time to catch up…

George: Lottie? Me and Lottie? Oh no!!! There’s nothing there! We have never been that close…we used to spend the summer together because she know my cousin Alice but it’s not like we hang out together a lot! And she is only like what? 16?
Eliza: 19…
George: Yeah that’s it! She’s really young… I was just surprised to see her because I didn’t see her for like 3 or 4 years!

George: I heard that her parents had a serious accident and then I never saw her again.
Eliza: An accident??? That’s terrible! Well…that explains a lot!

George: But enough about her…You seemed like you were going to tell me something before Iris interrupted us…right?
Eliza: Poor girl…

George: Huh?
Eliza: I mean Charlotte! That’s probably why they got separated!

George: But…but I thought…you wanted to talk about us…?
Eliza: OMG! And Bee and Izzy! It must have been terrible for them…!!!

Eliza: I’m sorry George! This is really serious and all this time I never knew! I have to go talk to Charlotte right away!!! We will talk…hmm…later…
George: You have to talk right now…?

George: But Eliza…wait! I thought…

George: Women…who understands them!

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