Photostory: The Big Surprise (Part 2)

George is home!!!!
Here is the rest of his arrival story (Part 2)! There is another BIG surprise (the kiss in part 1 was the first one)!
First part of this story can be found here.

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
George [FL MNF Carl]
Iris/Cupid [FL PKF Bonnie]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]
Beatrice [FL LTF Ante]
Isabelle [FL LTF Rachel]
Charlotte [FL MNF Ryeon]



Vanilla: George!!! Nice to have you back! Now I understand what all this screaming and positive energy was about!
George: Hi Vanilla! Where are the rest of the girls?

Vanilla: Bee and Izzy were playing with their weird sister in their room just a moment ago.

George: Sister?!
Iris: Yes they have a new sister and its big like you and Eliza!!! She arrived while you were gone!
George: Really? 

Beatrice: George!!!!!!
Isabelle: You are back! 

Charlotte: Girls what is all this about?
Beatrice: George is back!!!
Charlotte: Oh finally I get to meet the famous Mr. Headl…

Charlotte: George?!?!? George Bradford? Oh my is that really you?

George: Lottie? Little Lottie? What are you doing here?
Iris: Do you know Lottie? uh oh…something's wrong…

Eliza: What…? They know each other??? How is this possible?

George: So .. Lottie…How are you doing? Haven't seen you for a long time…how did you end up here?
Charlotte: I can't believe it's really you! That you are Mr. Headless George!

Charlotte: I came here looking for my younger sisters Beatrice and Isabelle…

George: I didn't know you had little sisters…How did you…huh?
Charlotte: It's so good to see you again! It has been such a long time…I thought I would never see you again!
George: Oh no…this isn't good… 

Vanilla: Eliza, are you alright? Your energy is really weird all of a sudden…
Eliza: I'm ok, don't worry…

George: Hmmm ok ok Lottie, it's alright…! Now tell me where were you all this time, we never heard from you again…
Charlotte: Oh…I…things changed a lot but all that matters is that now I'm here and we have so much to talk about!
Vanilla: Uh oh…somethings not well…

Eliza: Well… It's nice to have you back George…I will leave you with Charlotte now, I see that you have a lot to catch up…

George: Eliza…
Charlotte: Is everything alright?

Vanilla: Well…I guess I better clean up your mess….

Iris: George, do you know Lottie? Are you friends?
George: Huh? no …I mean yes we were.
Beatrice: Lottie, are you George's friend? Where did you meet him?
Charlotte: Yes, George is an old friend, I knew his cousin Alice, she was my age…
Isabelle: Really?

Charlotte: Yes that's right, we used to spend our summers together. That's why he calls me Lottie, nobody calls me Lottie anymore except you two… isn't that right George?

George: I'm sorry Lottie… I have something I have to take care of right away… we can talk later though!

George: And you Little Iris, I haven't forgotten you! I promise we will play later too ok?

Iris: Ok….but…

Isabelle: Why did George leave so fast?
Charlotte: I don't know…
Iris: Maybe it's those prince and princess thingies going on again…I'll have to tell him to explain to me later.

Isabelle: Lottie…? Are you ok?
Charlotte: Oh..he certainly has changed a lot since I last saw him… 

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