Photostory: Together Forever

I'm back from holiday and here is a story I made before I went but I had no time to post 🙂 This is mainly about the sisters Fay relationship and background story. Btw: I changed Charlotte's nickname to Lottie because I found out that Tottie can have a double meaning and I want to avoid any misunderstandings, there was a reason for me to use that name but Lottie is ok and cute too. Sorry about that and enjoy!

In this story:
Charlotte [FL MNF Ryeon]
Beatrice [FL Littlefee Ante]
Isabelle [FL Littlefee Rachel]


Charlotte: So what should the animals do next? Maybe they could make a trip to a far away island?
Beatrice: Yes! That's fun!
Isabelle: I don't know…

Beatrice: And then they can go to the beach and make a sandcastle!
Charlotte: Ok! Let's do it!

Isabelle: *snif*
Charlotte: Izzy… is everything alright?
Beatrice: Are you crying?

Isabelle: I don't like the idea of the animals going far away… then the other animals will miss them a lot… Like we missed Lottie…*snif*
Charlotte: Oh my…!

Charlotte: Izzy, don't worry about the animals! They will be back soon and we can play something else if you like…
Isabelle: We can?
Beatrice: We can make them make a party instead, right Lottie?
Charlotte: And I won't go away again, now that I found you!

Isabelle: I'm happy you found us!!!
Beatrice: I want a hug too…

Charlotte: Come here Bee, we wouldn't leave you out!
Isabelle: Come!

Beatrice: Sisters HUG!!!!!
Isabelle: heheheh

Charlotte: OMG! You are heavy little monsters!!!!
Beatrice: hihihih we are not monsters!!!!
Isabelle: hihihihi

Charlotte: You are!!!!!! And I know what to do to little monsters: TICKLE!
Beatrice and Isabelle: Noooo!!!!! hahahahaha

Charlotte: That's enough punishment! hehe Felling better Izzy?
Beatrice: hihihi
Isabelle: hihi yes…!
Charlotte: Thats better!

Isabelle: Lottie… why did you take so long to come home?
Charlotte: Well…after Sofia found you both and took you home it took me a while to find out where you were living now… I had to go ask at your old place and then contact her…
Beatrice: Do we have to go back to the old place?
Charlotte: Not anymore, this is home now and we are all together, don't worry Bee…
Beatrice: That's good…I like to call Sofia mum!
Isabelle: Me too!

Isabelle: Where were you all the time? Why didn't you stay with us?
Charlotte: After the…hmmm… accident they took me to a school…for older kids! But now that I am 18 they let me leave and come to you!
Beatrice: You will never leave again? Promise?
Charlotte: Promise! We will be together forever!

EXTRASisters Fay

6 thoughts on “Photostory: Together Forever

  1. X3 They’re all sooo cute!! I love how sisterly lovey it is~
    Ps- Would it be too much trouble to ask you for an lj-cut? ^.^;;

      • Is all good!!
        An LJ cut is when you have a long post. You use it to hide some of it. If you’ve ever seen “more behind the cut” or links to read more of a post, that’s what it is.
        The code is as follows, only replace “[]” with “”
        [lj-cut text=”I am text”]
        This is my content
        😀 There ya go!

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