Photostory: Who is this girl? (Box Opening)

MY MNF RYEON ARRIVED!!!! Shes gorgeous! I bought her second hand from the MP and has a Small Bus, Cutie legs and a cute face-up by h_agata  
Well this is her staged BO, because I got home really late yesterday but I couldnt resist opening her box, so today I staged this for the sake of the story! Hope you enjoy my new character!

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]
Beatrice [FL Littlefee Ante]
Isabelle [FL Littlefee Rachel]

Iris/Cupid [FL Pukifee Bonnie]



PhotobucketEliza: Oh! What is this doing here? Sofia told me George would come in a box like this…maybe it's him?

Eliza: I better open it! Though…it's kind of weird that he already arrived…it's only been a couple of days…

PhotobucketEliza: Hello? Is anyone there?
Voice: Hmmmmf!!!
Eliza: Don't worry! I'll help you out immediately!

PhotobucketEliza: Oh my…its a young girl…!!!
Noname: Hmmmfff!

PhotobucketEliza: Are you alright?

PhotobucketNoname: Finally…! …Oh hello! Thank you for getting me out!
Eliza: You are welcome! My name is Eliza…maybe I can help you with anything?
Noname: I'm Charlotte, nice to meet you! Would you maybe happen to know where my clothes and hair are?
Eliza: Oh! I'm sure I can find something for you in Sofia's stuff, if she was expecting you she probably left something for you lying around! I'll be right back!

PhotobucketCharlotte: I wonder if this is the right house…

PhotobucketEliza: Here you go! You can wear these!
Charlotte: Thank you! 
Eliza: No problem 🙂

PhotobucketCharlotte: Finally! This looks so much better!

PhotobucketCharlotte: There! I'm ready!
Eliza: Those clothes really look cute on you 🙂

PhotobucketVanilla: Hi there Eliza! …hmmm…who is this girl?
Eliza: Thats Charlotte, she just arrived. Charlotte, this is Vanilla!
Vanilla: Hi there, you can call me Nilly 🙂
Charlotte: AWWWWWW! Shes soooo adorable! And tiny! And she speaks!
Vanilla: hmmm…ok…she's weird…
Eliza: ^^;

PhotobucketCharlotte: What is she??? May I touch her?
Eliza: Nilly, could you please get the girls? They should meet Charlotte and welcome her.

PhotobucketVanilla: OK! I'll be right back!

PhotobucketCharlotte: I had never seen someone sooo tiny! What is she?
Eliza: Oh sorry I forgot to tell you… she's a nature fairy!
Charlotte: Really, that's so weird!
Eliza: …you should start getting used to weird if you will be living her…I wonder what will happen when she meets Iris…
Charlotte: What do you mean?!

PhotobucketVanilla: Here they are!
Eliza: Girls this is…
Isabelle: OH look Bee! Is that…????? It can't be…!
Beatrice: LOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlotte: Girls!!!!!!
Eliza: Huh? You know each other?

PhotobucketBeatrice: SISTER!!!!!!!
Isabelle: I missed you Lottie!
Charlotte: I missed you too!!! You are so grown up!

PhotobucketEliza: Sister??!!
Vanilla: They are related?Iris: What's happening…?

PhotobucketBeatrice: Look Ellie! This is our older sister Lottie! And this is Ellie! She's the best!
Charlotte: I'm sorry I didnt tell you, but I wasn't sure that they really lived here.
Eliza: Don't worry about that! Its nice to meet you 🙂 I hope you feel at home here! You have to meet Sofia later too, shes the owner of the house, but shes away now…
Charlotte: Ok sure! Thank you!

Charlotte: Now girls, I want to know everything that happened while I was gone!


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