Photostory: The Next Day…

The next day… George just left to be "reshelled" as a Minifee Carl and after the almost kiss things got really weird and Eliza has a lot to think about! Maybe she misses him?
The pictures are dark but I wanted to give this story a evening/night look…

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]
Beatrice [FL Littlefee Ante]
Isabelle [FL Littlefee Rachel]
Iris/Cupid [FL Pukifee Bonnie]




Vanilla: I wonder where Eliza is… I totally forgot to give her this!


Vanilla: uff….Why do big people always give the big tasks to the little ones…


Eliza: Were you looking for me Nilly?
Vanilla: Eliza! There you are! I totally forgot to give you this before!


Eliza: What is it?
Vanilla: Oh! it's a note for you from George, he left in the morning and didn't want to wake you up. He asked me to you give this…


Vanilla: Maybe he wanted to say goodbye again?
Eliza: Hmmm… I wonder what it says… he said goodbye to everyone yesterday but he has been really distant since the …hum…our last conversation… maybe he left this letter to explain why he has been avoiding me?
Eliza:  *reads to herself*
"Eliza, I wanted to let you know that unfortunetly I won't be back as soon as I expected, I might have to stay away for a couple of weeks… I'm sorry but this was really last minute. Send hugs to the girls from me and good luck. Yours, George" …..that's all? I don't understand…
Vanilla: Are you alright Eliza? What does the note say?


Eliza: It says that he is going to be away longer then he planned at first…because of something last minute. He will only be able come back in a couple of weeks… 
Vanilla: Oh… 


Vanilla: Well…at least you will have more time to think about what you are going to say when you finally talk to him about all those misunderstandings…You really should talk when he comes back! The sooner the better! And you have been acting really weird lately…
Eliza: Huh? Oh yes…probably we should talk…
Vanilla: It's really getting late! I'll see if the girls are ready for bed πŸ™‚
Eliza: Ok…


Eliza: If only she knew!….I don't understand why George is acting so distant… he is acting like nothing happened and nothing changed after we talked…maybe he decided to give me some space…or…maybe he just gave up?


Eliza: What am I thinking! I told him he was mistaken!!! And It really is better this way! I know it would never work…


Isabelle: Ellie…can you tell us a story please?
Beatrice: It's about white teddy bears!
Eliza: Oh… ok girls! Sit down but then right off to bed!
Iris: We promise!


Eliza: Once upon a time there was a polar Polar Bear called Ice Cream and loved to play in the snow….


Eliza: Finally everyone is asleep! They look so adorable…like little angels!


Eliza: I wish I could sleep that peacefully…. I can't take George's note out of my mind…


Eliza: it was so distant…but after what I told him what could I expect?


Eliza: I hate to admit this but… maybe I really want give to him a chance…

8 thoughts on “Photostory: The Next Day…

    • Thank you!!! Gerge will probably only arrive in a couple of weeks because I am going on vacation and he only will be home when I return in the beginning of August! I’m glad you like the pics!

  1. Aww so sweet, great pictures and I adore your girls!!!!
    Isabelle’s making me want a LTF Rachel sooooooo bad. I’m really contemplating ordering her and a body for my juri….

    • Thank you!!!! I’m glad you love my girls that much! And thank you for the nice commnets on my pics, I was really unsure about these…
      Rachel’s are soooo cute and so much cuter in person, I’m sure you wont regret her! And I’m sure your juri needs her body! I hope you will be able to get both really soon!

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