Message to Mina #2

Eliza and Mina are childhood friends and they used to spend their summers together. However when Eliza moved to run away from her past they haven't talked much since then. Mina contacted Eliza with a message a while ago, and since then they have been talking about what happens in their lives!

Mina belongs to Emma and this is a reply to this message.

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Beatrice [FL Littlefee Ante]

Note (for those not familiar with my characters):
– Eliza is a distant person but she worries a lot about the others and she can't really see injustice or suffering without immediately trying to help out. That is the main reason why she started being really worried about George,who used to be a Headless body. However she had a really bad experience with love in the past and she finds it hard to trust men.


Eliza: Hi Mina! Sorry it took so long for me to reply to your last message!

Eliza: How is everything doing? The girls? Any news? 

Eliza: Wow! Its such a coincidence that you also have fairies and other magical creatures around! I would never have thought they were so many living among us! And magic? Nilly deals with energy and reads minds but I never saw her do actual magic… It must have been awesome! Have you figured more about them yet? 

Eliza: Things around here are pretty much the same… The girls are fine, and…

Eliza: …and me and George are still in the same situation too.

Eliza: I was convinced George was like every other man but… maybe I should give him a chance, I guess you are right…even if I am terrified what he might do!

Eliza: I was talking to Nilly and she said I should talk to him too, try to at least be friends and cordial after what happened! 

Eliza: He actually has been sweet and caring after the accident too… unfortunately it has been kind of difficult to talk to him lately…

Eliza: Oh! I totally forget to mention the accident to you! You must be wondering what I am talking about! 

Eliza: After your message and Nilly's talk I decided I would talk to him about what has been happening, and suddenly he came out of nowhere and scared me!!! I fell on my wrist and broke it! See?

Eliza: After that I was in so much pain and George was really kind… he took me to the hospital immediately and he has been there for me ever since, offering all kinds of help and trying to make me feel better…. The nice and polite Mr. Headless is back…

Beatrice: Ellie! Are you feeling better? What are you doing?
Eliza: Bee! Hi there! I was sending a message to my friend Mina, remember when I told you about her?
Beatrice: Really??? May I help?

Eliza: Sure! Just say hi to the camera!
Beatrice: Hi Mina! My name is Beatrice, but people call me Bee! Nice to meet you!

Eliza: Did I tell you Mina has a little girl about your age living at the house? Her name is Rowan.
Beatrice: Really? 
Eliza: Yes.

Beatrice: Hi Rowan!!! I'm Bee! Want to be friends? I have a sister, her name is Izzy, I'm sure you would like to meet her too, shes sweet! What do you like to do? I love princesses! Do you like them? and ice cream and and…
Eliza: Bee! I'm sure Rowan will love to meet you sweetie but we have to finish the message now! You can talk to her more again in the next message ok?

Beatrice: Ok! Please let me know if you want to be friends!!!
Eliza: Bee, time to say goodbye now.

Eliza: Bye Mina, can't wait to here from you soon! Hope you don't mind little Bee 😉
Beatrice: Bye bye Mina and Rowan! A kiss for both of you!

2 thoughts on “Message to Mina #2

  1. They are so cute. Eliza is such a sweet person and Bee a little darling – every time I see her I´d want to hug her!
    I love your photostories, and hopefully Eliza´s wrist will be fine soon again!

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