Photostory: Feeling Better

I'm really sorry that I have been away lately but I have been really busy with university and apart from that I have had some really frustrating doll problems that made me loose my motivation and inspiration to play with them.
Like everyone knows from the previous story, Eliza's arm broke and I thought I had it easily solved but unfortunately the process hasn't been that easy. I contacted Think Pink because thats where I bought her and they said it would take 2-3 months to get a new arm part for 28$. I then contacted them about buying it directly from Fairyland so it would be faster and they asked for more 32$ shipping! I prefer to pay more and wait less but still it is really hard and disappointing… I am still waiting for Fairyland's answer though… nothing is settled yet! I just hope this gets solved soon… in the meanwhile I will try to find some motivation to play with my beautiful dollies and make more stories! Thank you for all the cheerful messages at DoA and Flickr!!!
This is what happened after the last story, when Eliza fell and went to the hospital with George, and also a good chance for him to show his sweet side hehe!!! More confusing feelings here!

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]
George [Lati Blue Rucas]
Beatrice [FL Littlefee Ante]
Isabelle [FL Littlefee Rachel]
Iris/Cupid [FL Pukifee Bonnie]

Note (for those not familiar with my characters):
– Eliza is a distant person but she worries a lot about the others and she can't really see injustice or suffering without immediately trying to help out. That is the main reason why she started being really worried about George,who used to be a Headless body. However she had a really bad experience with love in the past and she finds it hard to trust men.
– Vanilla is a fairy, although she looks young she is old, but she is clueless about everything that is human technology/tools. She communicates through telepathy (but everyone can hear her if she chooses to) and is very sensitive to spiritual energy. – Iris is an apprentice cupid that was sent by Eros (her father and real mythological cupid) to my home on earth to learn about human love, because she is really clueless about feelings and how to express them.
– Beatrice and Isabelle are sisters. Bee is the lively one and Izzy is the shy one.


George: Are you feeling better now?
Eliza: I'm feeling much better, thank you…

George: You don't need to thank me. I did nothing special… and I was really worried about you…
Eliza: Oh… really…? You really shouldn't worry, I'm ok now…

Vanilla: Hey! You disappeared! I was so worried! Where were you? What happened to your arm Ellie???

Eliza: Nilly! No need to worry: I fell and broke my wrist but George was there and took me to the hospital, everything is ok now.

Vanilla: Oh my! Did he? Are you really feeling better?

Eliza: Don't worry!
George: But… the doctor told you to rest now … and you should take those pills for the pain…
Vanilla: I can help you feel better with my energy, no need for pills!
George: Are you sure that would work..? Eliza, you better do what the doctor said and…

Beatrice: Ellie!!! You are back!! We were looking for you!
Eliza: Hi…! 
Isabelle: What happened to your arm?
Iris: Are you alright?
Vanilla: Ready for treatment!

George: Girls, you should leave Eliza in peace for now, she needs some rest. Right Eliza?
Eliza: I'm ok… I went to the hospital with George, because I fell and broke my wrist, see?
Girls: OOOOH!
Beatrice: Can we be doctors and treat you??? Pretty please???

George: No doctors for now, Bee! Eliza, you should go rest, please, you must be tired. Do you need anything? I could stay with you while you rest, if you like…

Eliza: That's really sweet of you but I'm ok… Thank you so much for everything today but…I will take Nilly's offer and I would prefer to be alone.

George: Huh? Are you…sure?
Eliza: Come here Nilly, lets go!
Vanilla: Sure!
Beatrice: snif….

Vanilla: Are you sure you prefer my company Ellie? George was behaving like such a gentleman!!! hihihihi
Eliza: What do you mean??? He was just being nice…!
Vanilla: Sure! and you looked like you were enjoying it a lot! hihihi
Eliza: Nilly!!!! Just don't be silly!

Beatrice: snif…
George: Bee, are you ok?
Beatrice: I wanted to play doctors and help Ellie feel better…
Isabelle: Is Ellie ok?
Iris: Will she feel better soon?
George: Don't worry girls, Ellie will be great in no time!

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