Message to Dylan

Iris has been asking me to do this since my birthday, and finally here it is 🙂
Dylan belongs to Sweet Collection and in case you are interested in how Iris met him refer to this photostory.

Message to Dylan - 3/10


Iris: Hello Dylan!!! How are you and your family doing?

Iris: Me I’m fine, and Sofia and everyone…I just miss playing with you…*blushes*

Iris: Sofia showed me the cake you made for her birthday and your mommy’s presents. I think that was very sweet of you and she agrees with me!

Iris: I told Sofia we should make something for you as a thank you present and she agreed too! So we made you a little gift…

Iris: I’ll go fetch it! Wait just a minute!

Iris: Don’t go anywhere please…!

Iris: Here it is…*blushes*

Iris: We made you a smiley cookie to make you smile! Do you like it? I hope you do…

Iris: Lots of kisses for you and your family!!! Thank you from me and Sofia for the pretty cake and gifts for her birthday!

Iris: Bye bye!!! Miss you! I hope we can play together again soon 🙂

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