Photostory: Not a Fairytale…

After Eliza’s confessions to Nilly, here is George’s side of the events hehe! Iris is just too cute and clueless and really confused about the latest events and I guess George can’t bare to see a little girl in distress, even if he is not quite the man to believe in fairytales! lol And maybe his conversation with little Iris will make him realize he has not been acting that correctly! And I guess Iris really will believe in anything you tell her…lol! Enjoy! 😉

In this story:
George [Lati Blue Rucas]
Iris/Cupid [Fairyland Pukifee Bonnie]

Note (for those not familiar with my characters):
– Iris is an apprentice cupid that was sent by Eros (her father and real mythological cupid) to my home on earth to learn about human love, because she is really clueless about feelings and how to express them.

Not a fairytale... - 1/6


Iris: I don’t understand… do you, Mr.Teddy? Why are humans like that?

George: Hi little one, what are you doing here all by yourself?
Iris: Oh, hi George…! I’m playing with Mr. Teddy.
George: And where are Izzy and Bee?
Iris: They are watching a movie in the living room…but I don’t want to…
George: Why is that?

Iris: I don’t like fairytales: they are not like reality… in real life princes and princesses don’t end up together they just make each other sad… 

George: Oh my! This is not good…

George: But… what makes you say that?
Iris: Well…

Iris: You and Ellie… You are always acting weird… You look happy and then you want to be together, then she looks sad and you want to be with other girls and…
George: Huh? Me and Eliza???

George: Oh my what can I say…??? A little girl should believe in fairytales…
Iris: And you are really confusing…not like the happy ending in a fairytale…
George: Little Iris… me and Eliza are….how can I put it…. not like princes and princesses in a fairytale, because in fairytales they are usually in love and…me and Eliza… we are not in love!

Iris: Why not?
George: We are…well, just friends, two people living together, and that is it. That is the difference.
Iris: Really…?
George: You don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Iris: Thank you! You are the best! Now I understand!
George: *surprised*

After some minutes and a lot of thought:

George: What am I saying?! I guess I really should talk to Eliza …

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