Archive: Unexpected (Apr. 11, 2010)

I decided to post my older stories before I start posting the new ones. This is part of the main storyline. Posted on April 11th, 2010.

I am loving making these stories and I see that more and more people enjoy them and I am really happy about that!!! Thank you to everyone who reads them and comments them so nicely!!! Me and the gang were going to our first meet-up today and I planned a little something to happen there. Here is what happened in the morning before we went!

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
George [Lati Blue Rucas]

Note (for those not familiar with my characters):
– Eliza is a distant person but she worries a lot about the others and she can’t really see injustice or suffering without immediately trying to help out. That is the main reason why she started being really worried about George,who used to be a Headless body. However she had a really bad experience with love in the past and she finds it hard to trust men.

Unexpected - 8/18


Today we all went to our first BJD meet-up so was getting ready and George decided he would change into a summer shirt because it was so hot outside.
George: *singing*

Eliza: Girls! Are you rea…
George: Huh?

Eliza: Oh!

George: Eliza…is everything ok?

Eliza: Oh I’m so sorry! I …I heard some noise and I thought the girls were still here…

George: They are all preparing their toys in the other room.
Eliza: Ok… sorry…again! I should go check on them…

Eliza: How embarrassing…I seriously should start knocking…
George: No… wait!

Eliza: Why?
George: Don’t go just yet… its so hard to get some privacy around here…

Eliza: ?!

George: I have been waiting to do this for a while now…
Eliza: But…I… Oh my what is he doing???

Eliza: ….

Eliza: No! I just…. I can’t do this…!
George: Huh? *surprised*

George: Is everything alright? What happened?
Eliza: Nothing happened…Its not your fault…it’s me, I’m really sorry…
George: But…
Eliza: I better go…check on the girls…

George: But…Eliza!

Eliza: Oh my… what is this…? What am I doing…? I cannot make the same mistake twice…no, I won’t.

George: ….

George: What just happened to her…?

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