Archive: Message to Mina (Apr. 18, 2010)

I decided to post my older stories before I start posting the new ones. This is a message to another doll, where Eliza gets to talk about her feelings on what has been happening lately to her. Posted on April 18th, 2010.

Eliza and Mina are childhood friends and they used to spend their summers together. However when Eliza moved to run away from her past they haven’t talked much since then. Last week Mina contacted Eliza online with a message that she was really excited to receive: here is her answer! Vanilla is not talking in italic because this is a recorded message and she cannot use telepathy here.

Mina belongs to Emma and this is a reply to this message.

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]

Note (for those not familiar with my characters):
– Eliza is a distant person but she worries a lot about the others and she can’t really see injustice or suffering without immediately trying to help out. That is the main reason why she started being really worried about George,who used to be a Headless body. However she had a really bad experience with love in the past and she finds it hard to trust men.
– Vanilla is a fairy, although she looks young she is old, but she is clueless about everything that is human technology/tools. She communicates through telepathy (but everyone can hear her if she chooses to) and is very sensitive to spiritual energy.

Message to Mina - 15/15


Eliza: Hello Mina! It was so nice to receive your message!

Eliza: How is everything doing?

Eliza: I really missed talking to you! I know what you mean: someone we need to talk to someone our own age…

Eliza: Please feel free to send as many messages as you like! You should keep in touch and talk more often!

Eliza: Things have been a bit confusing around here too…

Eliza: The girls are fine but… George arrived to live with us…

Eliza: At first he was just a poor headless body…and you know I cant resist helping someone in pain…he seemed pretty lost! And I thought he was kind of cute…

Eliza: But then his head arrived and he turned into a normal man…just like every other one out there…

Eliza: He even tried to kiss me…can you believe that?

Eliza: Luckily I have learned my lesson and I won’t fall for these tricks again!

Eliza: But enough about him! Please let me know more about what is bothering you Mina…maybe it is about those friends you mentioned? Have they tried something weird, too?

Vanilla: I need to talk to you Eliza…. What are you doing?
Eliza: Oh its you Nilly! I am finishing the message to my friend Mina, remember I mentioned her?

Vanilla: Oh ok!
Eliza: Btw Mina! This is Vanilla, she is a nature fairy that lives with us.
Vanilla: Hi Mina! Please call me Nilly!

Eliza: I know it sounds weird… "nature fairy"! I was surprised too when she arrived! Who knew! But she has been a real big help around!

Eliza: Bye bye! Hope to hear from you soon!
Vanilla: Bye Mina! Its a pleasure to meet you!

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