Archive: What is happening??? (Apr. 1, 2010)

I decided to post my older stories before I start posting the new ones. This is the the first story that is not a BO and is actually part of the main storyline. Posted on April 1st, 2010.

I got the shipping notice for the Rucas head for my headless body and I thought I would post this little photostory of what has been going on while it doesn’t arrive…
This story is mostly wordless and all about thoughts! Hope you enjoy it! You must be wondering: who makes a romance story about a headless doll…I did lol! Just for the fun of it!

In this story:
Eliza [FL MNF Rheia]
Iris/Cupid [FL PKF Bonnie]
Mr. Headless [Lati Blue Boy Body]
Narrator [Me]

Note (for those not familiar with my characters):
– Eliza is a distant person but she worries a lot about the others and she can’t really see injustice or suffering without immediately trying to help out. That is the main reason why she started being really worried about Mr Headless, but she doesn’t usually trust men.
– Iris is an apprentice cupid that was sent by Eros (her father and real mythological cupid) to my home on earth to learn about human love, because she is really clueless about feelings and how to express them.
– Mr. Headless is not really his name, just a temporary name my girls gave him while he doesnt have a head and is unable to let us know his real name. He is going to have a Rucas head soon.

What is happening? - 11/11


Eliza has been looking after Mr. Headless for quite a while now, since she feels sorry for his situation. She spends most of the time sitting next to his box while he lays still…maybe sleeping? I guess you dont have a lot of energy when you dont have a head…

But sometimes I guess he is not really sleeping…maybe he is just pretending, so he can surprise her.

He tries to get out of the box and explore the room, but poor Mr. Headless : he cant really see!!! Eliza got worries about him and tries to keep an eye for accidents.

Omg! He is going to bump into the glass! I have to stop him…

Wait, just stay where you are…oh poor thing!

Got you…just in time!

I guess he understands that Eliza cares about him and thats the way to thank her… but she doesnt deal well with these emotional reactions.

Eliza doesnt really like to admit it but she gets really emotional too and she even smiles.

I guess behing this soft smile she is thinking:
What is happening to me…?

Little Iris, the apprentice cupid, watches their movements pretty closely, she keeps asking me what they are doing. She was sent to earth to learn about human love wasn’t she? I guess thats what she should do…observe!

Iris must be wondering: What is happening ???

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