Archive: Vanilla, the fairy, arrives! (Mar. 7, 2010)

I decided to post my older stories before I start posting the new ones. Some of these are really old when I got my first dolls, and they are not really stories, they are more like first attempts at doing them, but they are good to get to know the characters. Just in case anyone is curious. Note: This is the BO for my Fairyland Puki Puki Flora! She arrived on March 7th, 2010.

I ordered Puki Flora from Sweet’n’Honey and she was in stock so I thought she would arrive sooner than she actually did, but there were some problems with the delivery. Yesterday after a long wait, I finally got the newest and smallest addition to my doll family: my first puki!

I decided to make a little story for her arrival, here are the participants in this story:

Eliza, Ellie [AoD Qing]
Beatrice, Bee [ FL LTF Ante]
Sofia [Me]



When it arrive the girls were a bit confused about the size of the box.

Beatrice: Look Ellie, mom got a little box!
Eliza: Maybe we should see what’s inside…
Beatrice: Yes yes! I hope its a gift for me!!! Toys, clothes…!

Beatrice: Open it please, Ellie!!!
Eliza: Careful with your fingers little Bee πŸ™‚

Beatrice: Oh look! Its me!

Beatrice: Mom what is this? Is it a gift for me?
Eliza: Sofia what is inside this package?
Me: Hmmm… I dont remember ordering any clothes or anything from fairyland lately for you… maybe we should open it and see.

Beatrice: May I open the present, mom?
Me: Go ahead πŸ™‚

Beatrice: It’s a red box!
Eliza: It looks like a doll box….

Eliza: It looks like the box we came in! Maybe theres someone inside…
Beatrice: A little person?
Eliza: Impossible, a person couldn’t be this small….Let’s open it!

Me: What an adorable box! I agree! we should open it!

Beatrice: Look mom! Its a little doll! may I keep it??? Pretty please???
Eliza: Bee…I think thats not really a toy, it looks like its alive!

Me: Awwwww thats sooo small and cute!
Soft voice inside our heads: Please help..! I’m stuck and I cant see!

Beatrice: Look the little doll is moving!
Soft voice inside our heads: Hmmmf* Hmmmmf* I did it!
Eliza: What is that voice….?is the little person actually talking?

Soft voice inside our heads: Now lets take this off!

Beatrice: Awwwwwww look!!! Shes soooo cute! I want to play with her!
Me: Bee…thats not really a toy dear…
Soft voice inside our heads: Hello Sofia nice to finally meet you!
Me: huh?! Hi… but…who are you little one? and how do you know my name?

Soft voice inside our heads: My name is Vanilla Moonlilly but you can call me Nilly. I’m a nature pixie and like any fairy I was born with the first laugh of a child, and that child was one of your ancestors. I finally found you Sofia, and I was sent on a misson that I cannnot disclose just yet.
Me: **Speechless……** 0.0
Vanilla: You might be wondering why you hear my voice inside your head… its telepathy …thats the way I use communicate, I prefer that to talking.
Me: hmm…ok… 0.o
Vanilla: I guess you have some hair and clothes for me…?

Me: I’m sorry, heres your hair and clothes…hmmm…I’m sorry but I was surprised by your arrival and I didnt have enough time to get clothes for you…I just have this Pukifee panties by spampy…they are really for Cupid (my future pukifee Bonnie) but you can wear them for now…
Vanilla: Its ok πŸ™‚

Vanilla/Nilly with her new eyes and wig πŸ™‚ I cant stop looking at her adorably cute face! I’m in LOVE ❀

Hope you enjoy this πŸ™‚

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