Archive: The Big Box!!! (Mar. 19, 2010)

I decided to post my older stories before I start posting the new ones. Some of these are really old when I got my first dolls, and they are not really stories, they are more like first attempts at doing them, but they are good to get to know the characters. Just in case anyone is curious. Note: This is the BO my Fairyland order: a Littlefee rachel and a Pukifee Bonnie, posted on March 19th, 2010.

Yesterday when I came home I had a HUGE box waiting for me. Sorry for the crappy flash pictures, but it was already getting dark and I couldn’t wait to open this box!

In this BO:
Beatrice [FL Littlefee Ante]
Vanilla [FL Puki Flora]
Sofia [Me]

NOTE: (for those who are not familiar with my characters)
– Beatrice is waiting for her sister Isabelle for a while now (since January) and she is really happy about her arrival because one of her biggest dreams is having a sister of her own.
– Eliza is away because she used to be an AoD mini Qing and I "upgraded" her to a MNF Rheia so I am still waiting for her.
– Vanilla is a fairy, although she looks young she is old, but she is clueless about everything that is human technology/tools.



Since Eliza had to go away for a while, Beatrice and Vanilla were patiently waiting and really curious to know what was inside such a big box.
Beatrice: It’s giant!!!
Me: *surprised*

Beatrice: Mommy, here please open it!
Me: Careful Bee, those are not for children!
Vanilla: May I open it?
Me: Sure πŸ™‚

Vanilla: hmmmm….
Beatrice: Open it open it please! I want to see whats inside!!!

Me: Nilly… whats the problem?
Vanilla: How does this strange tool work?
Me: ^^; …I Better do it myself…

After I opened the box the girls wanted to jump inside and investigate!
Vanilla: Look at all these papers!
Beatrice: I want to see too!

Me: Let’s star taking all the papers out!

Vanilla: Oh! Theres something else inside!
Beatrice: More presents!!!
Me: It’s another box 0.o

After taking everything out Bee was very curious about one of the boxes.

Beatrice: Mommy, look! this box is the same size as me! What is in it? Presents?
Vanilla: Lets open it and see!
Me: I guess Nilly is right πŸ˜‰

Beatrice: Its a pink box like mine…!

Beatrice: Oh! Mommy!!!!!!!!!! Is it Izzy???????????????? Is she home?
Me: Yes it is Bee! I wanted to surprise you πŸ˜‰

Beatrice: Lets open it fast and take my sister out! Please help me Nilly!
Vanilla: Sure!

Beatrice: Look, theres a pic of me on the box !!!

Beatrice: Izzy are you there?
Vanilla: She’s not answering, shes probably sleeping…

Beatrice: Let’s open this pillow!

Beatrice: Is that you Izzy?
Isabelle: hmmmf…hmmmf…!
Vanilla: We better take her out!

Beatrice: Oh! She has a mask…!

Isabelle: Hmmmf!

Isabelle: Mommy!!!!!!!!
Me: Hello Izzy!!!!! ❀
(OMG…such a cute face with such ugly and scary eyes!!!! Luckily I had some cute eyes waiting for her!)

Beatrice: Izzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isabelle: ???

Beatrice: Mommy! We have to get her some clothes, and hair, and eyes, and toys and…
Me: Just a minute Bee… Theres still another box and we need to open it quickly or someone might suffocate in there… we will get some clothes after!
Beatrice: Ok!
Isabelle: Ok mommy!

Beatrice: I’m happy you are home ❀
Me: ❀
Isabelle: *suffocating*

Beatrice: We sit down right her while mommy and Nilly open the other box ok?
Isabelle: Ok…

Vanilla: Look Sofia! Its a box just like mine but bigger….!
Me: I’m not sure whos inside….0.o

Me: Let’s open it and see…
Vanilla: ok!

Me: Its a tiny person!
Vanilla: It doesn’t have the energy of a person Sofia…
Me: huh?
Noname: Hmmff..!!
Me: Its moving!

Nomane: Hmmmf!

Noname: Hello!
Me: Hello…who are you little one?
Noname: My name is Iris and I am a Cupid….where am I?
Me: My home… I’m Sofia and this is Vanilla..
Iris: oh! This must be my new home…the one father was talking about!
Vanilla: Are you human?

Iris: Father said: "You must go to earth and learn, little one… You are still too young to do our art: first you need to understand the humans and what love is!" And he sent me here πŸ™‚
Me: Father?
Iris: Yes, my father is Eros, but some people call him Cupid, too. I used to live with him and all my brothers and sisters…! We live in Mount Olympus! Well…now I live with you!
Me: …so you are a goddess?
Iris: Something like that…I’m a Cupid and we are meant to take care of the love in your world…!
Me: And you are here because…?
Iris: I never really understood how love works, thats why father sent me to earth to learn before I become a full grown Cupid…
Me: Ooooh…! 0.o
Vanilla: …….

Iris: What are you doing?
Vanilla: Feeling your energy…You have a strong energy, different from humans and us fairies …
Iris: Do I?
Vanilla: Nice to meet you!
Me: ^^;

Beatrice: Look! She looks like a cute dollie!
Isabelle: Mommy I need clothes!
Iris: May I have some too…?
Vanilla: Sofia! Now back to work!
Me: okok! πŸ™‚

After this I spent a while changing eyes and wigs and dressing the little girls, to take pictures with a better light! I love my new girls!!!!!
Here is how they look now:

Photobucket Photobucket

Hope you enjoyed! πŸ™‚

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