Archive: Headless Body arrives!!! (Mar. 3, 2010)

I decided to post my older stories before I start posting the new ones. Some of these are really old when I got my first dolls, and they are not really stories, they are more like first attempts at doing them, but they are good to get to know the characters. Just in case anyone is curious. Note: This is the BO for my Headless Lati Blue Rucas! He arrived on March 3rd, 2010.

Today my Lati Blue boy body I bought in the MP arrived and he is going to be Rucas Ryu when I get the head from Lati (should arrived in a month).

Here is a small box opening for this headless body just because I think it turned out kind of funny:

The big white box…


First impressions: uuuhh! i like it!

Headless body coming out of the box! The poor boy doesn’t have a head but at least he is not naked!

Standing right out of the box!

No name: !!!!! (He cannot talk without a head…^^; )
Me: I guess you just found out you have no head…poor thing!

I wanted to spare my girls this weird sight, I thought it would be better for them to meet him with his head on. But with all the confusion they ended up wanting to know what was going on…

Eliza [AoD Qing]
Beatrice [FL LTF Ante]
Sofia [Me]

Eliza: OMG!!! Sofia!!! He is headless!
Me: I know, I know… we are still waiting for his head from Lati…
No name:….

As you can see Eliza is always willing to help those in need, here she is trying to calm him down:
Eliza: Don’t worry… It will only be a month… You will be alright…!
No name: ….

Beatrice wanted to meet the body too. Here is her first reaction.
Beatrice: Don’t worry Mr. Headless! Your head will arrive soon…I’m also waiting for my sister, we can wait together! Here is a hug to make you feel better!
Noname: ….

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