Archive: Eliza is back!!! (Mar. 25, 2010)

I decided to post my older stories before I start posting the new ones. Some of these are really old when I got my first dolls, and they are not really stories, they are more like first attempts at doing them, but they are good to get to know the characters. Just in case anyone is curious. Note: Eliza used to be an AoD Qing, and she was "upgraded" to a Minifee. This is her BO on March 25th, 2010.

Today I had to pick yup a box at the post office and my little girls were really excited about it! Eliza, who used to be an Angel of Dream Mini Qing, went away for a while while we waited for her new self: a Minifee Rheia! Beatrice and Vanilla missed Eliza really badly and Isabelle and Iris (who arrived right after she had to go away) were really curious to meet her πŸ™‚
Please try to ignore the brightness/blurriness of some pics…the light was really weird and I was too excited to think a lot about it! lol

In this BO: 
Beatrice, aka Bee [FL LTF Ante]
Isabelle, aka Izzy [FL LTF Rachel]
Iris [FL PKF Bonnie]
Vanilla, aka Nilly [Puki Flora]
Sofia [Me]

NOTE: (for those who are not familiar with my characters)
– Beatrice and Eliza were best friends before she had to go. She is like an older sister to Bee although they are not blood related.
– Vanilla is a fairy, although she looks young she is old, but she is clueless about everything that is human technology/tools. She communicates through telepathy (but everyone can hear her if she chooses to) and is very sensitive to spiritual energy.
– Iris is an apprentice cupid who came to earth to learn about human love, and she is really naive and authentic dealing with her feelings.
– Eliza is a very distant and polite person, however she has a soft spot for children.
– Isabelle is really shy, especially when meeting new people.



Iris: Sofia what is in the big box?
Vanilla: Is it another person to join our family?
Me: We better call Bee and Izzy and open it to see πŸ˜‰ hehe

Vanilla: They are playing over there Sofia…
Me: Bee! Izzy!!! A box arrived!
Iris: Is it another cupid like me? one of my brothers and sisters?
Me: Dear Iris…I think the box is to big to be someone like you πŸ˜‰

Beatrice: Mommy who is in the box???
Vanilla: Its someone…. I feel a familiar energy….

Vanilla: Could it be Eliza??
Beatrice: Ellie???? Is she back?
Isabelle: Here Mommy, you can open the box πŸ™‚
Me: Thank you, Izzy!

Beatrice: Mommy!!! Nilly says Ellie is in the box! Is it true?
Me: Let’s open it and see!

After removing all the plastic we finally could see the box!
Beatrice: Is that Ellie?
Vanilla: It feels like her energy…
Isabelle: Shes pretty!
Iris: She is…!

Vanilla: Her energy is getting stronger, I’m sure it is Eliza!
Beatrice: Lets open the box mommy!!!

Beatrice: There she is!
Vanilla: Is everything alright???
Eliza: Mmmmff…mmmf!!!!
Vanilla: Let’s get her out!

Isabelle: oooh! 0.o
Eliza: Hmmmmf.. 

Vanilla: Hello Eliza! Hope you had a nice journey.
Beatrice: Look Izzy, it really is Ellie!
Iris: She is so big…

Eliza: Hello Nilly! Nice to see you again!
Beatrice: Ellie!!!! You are back!!!!
Eliza: Bee!!!

Beatrice: I miss you…
Eliza: Me too…you are so grown up πŸ™‚

Beatrice: Look Ellie! My sister Izzy arrived and she wants to meet you! There she is…
Isabelle: Hello…!

Iris seems to like Eliza, as she immediately run over to hug her.
Eliza: And who are you little one?
Beatrice: That is Iris, she is a cupid!
Eliza: a cupid???
Me: Long story… I’ll explain it to you later…

Eliza: Hello Izzy, nice to meet you πŸ™‚
Isabelle: Hi…

Eliza: Sofia! There you are! Hello!
Me: Hello Eliza! Its so great to have you back finally! You look really beautiful!
Eliza: …. Thank you… Its so good to be back too! But… now I would love some clothes please…
Me: Sure!!! πŸ™‚

Here she is all dressed with her eyes and wig:

Hope you enjoy this!!! I love my new girl: not only is she gorgeous but she poses like a dream!!!!

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