Archive: Christmas Wishes! (Dec. 23, 2009)

I decided to post my older stories before I start posting the new ones. Some of these are really old when I got my first dolls, and they are not really stories, they are more like first attempts at doing them, but they are good to get to know the characters. Just in case anyone is curious. Note: This is my first real attempt at making a story…I made it for Christmas 2009!


Eliza [AoD Qing]
Beatrice [LTF Ante]
Me [Sofia human]


Today Beatrice finally received her Santa hat and I decided to take some Christmas pictures of my girls, just a couple of shots to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone. But guess what: Little Bea has to take everything into her own hands and the small photo shoot turned into a big event for her!!!

Me: Now girls, lets take some pics under the tree!

Eliza: Should we pose?
Me: Thats perfect!
Beatrice: Hi people!!! This is Angie my angel! She is a Christmas angel!

Me: Now lets take a picture sitting down…
Beatrice: Mommy…?
Me: Yes?

Beatrice: I want to put Angie on the tree so she can protect Baby Jesus…
Me: ok..ok…:sweat

Eliza: Here you go!
Beatrice: I’m all grown up now!!! I’m taller than Lizzie!!!yey!

Me: Great! Angie is already in place! You should get down love, you are probably killing Eliza’s back hehe
Beatrice: Oh look mommy: it’s Eeyore on the tree!!! May I have him pretty please????
Me: But he is a christmas decoration…
Beatrice: Pleeeease!

Me: Okok :sweat Now please get down Bee… You are hurting Eliza!
Eliza: its ok…dont worry :sweat

After Bee got down she made me remove all the disney decorations so she could play with them: I had to promise that she can keep them after Christmas is over, so she would let me put them back later…lol

Beatrice: Look at all this toys mommy!
Me: You have to wait until Santa comes so you get your real gifts sweetie 🙂
Beatrice: When is Santa coming?
Eliza: Tomorrow night, little Bee…
Beatrice: I’ll wait for him right here so he doesn’t forget me…!

And there she was until she fell asleep on Eliza’s lap:

With her little angel looking over her:

Now a little EXTRA:

All: We hope you enjoyed this! Merry christmas everyone!

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